AKC Tibetan Mastiffs

Bred for health, temperament and true Do-Khyi American Tibetan Mastiff type. 


Welcome to the FoxTribe At Fox Ohana Farms!

Aloha! And welcome to our website. Our family of 4 are the proud stewards and owners of a farm which we keep for our champion dogs and horses. We welcome all inquiries canine and equine. We are a hobby breeder for Tibetan Mastiffs (the affectionate and sensitive farm guardians) and English Mastiffs (the loving and calm giant lap dogs) They are raised as our partners as we raise our Friesian Horses, miniature milk goats, wool animals, Holland lop bunnies, free range chickens, and more. We also are committed to actively partipating in AKC events. This makes for a well rounded and broad spectrum environment for which we raise these wonderful companions.

If you are looking for a puppy, please copy and paste the application questions into the contact box to send with your message. The contact box is toward the bottom of this page and can also be used for training inquiries! Mahalo! 

Important! If you do not hear from me within 48 hours please call the number provided on our website.


Meet our Tribe

Our dogs are extensively health tested at the appropriate ages in accordance to the specific concerns of their breed in order to make informed choices as we make breeding plans. As such we are happy to provide their results to inquiring future families including DNA genetic testing, Cystinuria, Thyroid, Pennhip, OFA hips, Elbows, Eyes and Heart. We are also able to share pedigree and pictures of parents of the litter which you are applying to. We hope in all of this we can provide you with the best idea of what a puppy from us might look like or act like in the future. As beautiful as giant breed puppies are, one day they will be drooling, intrusive, heavy, inconvenient DOGS! Puppy applications are required to be considered for placement.


“Dawa’s Zhi-Bde at FoxTribe”

Tibetan Mastiff

Our sweet boy Zhi-bde goes by “Zee” and is the product of careful thoughtful breeding of his mother Upala and Father Lopez from Dawa. He is the sweetest most affectionate little ball of fluff, loving to puppies and children and eager to meet new friends. He has been attending regular shows and training hard to earn his AKC Ch. He will also be working toward his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and ATT (temperament test) both akc sanctioned testing.

Puppy Application

Please answer these pre screening questions In the contact box to start the application process for our upcoming litter!

Q1: How many people are in your family? How old are the children if applicable?

Q2: Are you familiar with the breed of puppy you are inquiring about?, what is your experience?

Q3: Occupation? Are you working remotely? Where will the dog be when you are working outside the home?

Q4: What makes your home perfect for a mastiff/tibetan mastiff/newfie?(please mention which breed you are interested in. If undecided don’t hesitate to mention that)

Q5: Do you rent or own you home? (If you rent we can help guide you through the process to your fair housing rights to have an animal who improves your quality of life.)

Q6: are you wanting to breed her/him in the future? Explain if so.

Q7: other dogs in the home? Please explain. include Age and genders and any behavioral issues.

Q8: have you ever had to rehome a dog and if so what was the circumstance? 

Q9: please leave your name, number and city/state which you reside.

Macon, NC 27551, USA

Thanks for submitting!


Dan Nechemias and Lois Clause of Dawa Tibetan Mastiffs in Oregon are our breeding/show/ handling mentors. While we have learned so much already from our own life around dogs, it’s wonderful to have the guidance of such community oriented giant breed fanciers with years and years more experience than us. We have the upmost respect and gratitude toward this wonderful family for all they have done for us, the AKC network and the Tibetan Mastiff breed and we strive to make them proud in our own program.


Great homes allow for great breeders. To our amazing puppy homes who have done so much research and decided that out of all the breeds and breeders in the world that our dogs are the best fit for your family, we thank you! Without amazing homes like yours we wouldn’t be able to do what we love. While we whole heartedly support and respect our rescue counterpart programs, we also appreciate your knowledge and love for giant purebred dogs, your respect for health testing and your trust in us to help you choose your new family member.