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Welcome to Fox Tribe K9 

We are the proud stewards and owners of a private 60 acre farm in horse country Virginia on which we spend our days as farmers with our champion dogs and horses. As a Veteran owned farm, we special focus in producing service dogs for veterans and youth with disabilities.

Because of this specialty, we have become advocates for 4 very unique breeds. Tibetan Mastiff, English Mastiff, Working line Czech German Shepherd, and Bichon Frisé. We took many years to develop this variety of dogs for many different needs in others homes as well as providing balance in our own home. They are our best friends and fulfill many different roles. They serve as guardians of our home, protectors of our vulnerable young livestock, service animals, companions, nanny's, and the list goes on.

At our farm we raise a variety of livestock and crops. This makes for a well rounded and broad spectrum environment from which we raise these wonderful puppies that we send home with you. If you are looking for a puppy, please go to the bottom of this page and copy/paste the application. Mahalo, Merci, and Grazie Mille!

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Meet our Tribe

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“Dawa’s Zhi-Bde at FoxTribe”

Tibetan Mastiff

Our sweet boy Zhi-bde goes by “Zee” and is the product of careful thoughtful breeding of his mother Upala and Father Lopez from the legendary lines of Dawa Tibetan Mastiffs. He is the sweetest most affectionate big ball of fluff, loving to puppies and children and eager to meet new friends. He has been attending regular shows and training hard to earn each title as they come available to him. He has earned his AKC temperament test title and is currently working on his volunteer hours toward his AKC Therapy Dog title.



Tibetan Mastiff

Honor is the young daughter of the legendary Valensia at Dawa (first and only Tibetan Mastiff bitch to ever take Best of Show in an AKC show). Honor is growing into a spinning image of her mom. Conducting herself with effortless poise, pride and spirit everywhere she goes. Raised on the farm with family and friend outings, at 22 months old, Honor had her AKC show debut at the Royal Canin championship where she took best of winners and Best of Opposite. Honor's temperament is described as very maternal. She is great with other dogs even without supervision, several dogs or small dogs included. However she is less social with people outside of her family and friends (unlike Zee and Courage who are social butterflies) but will tolerate strangers. Unless they are children, in which case she will simply ask to take them home with her.


Tibetan Mastiff

Courage is a special Chenporewa pedigree Tibetan Mastiff Female. Sporting a thick coat, long legs and sharp mind. She is a velcro dog off leash on the farm and loves her family. Courage's temperament is described as good with other dogs under supervision, but has heavy social traits with people including strangers both on and off the farm. She has had a stand off with trespassing predators and maintains control under voice command, looking to her people for direction. These are key traits we look for to pass onto our future generations.



English Mastiff Male

Haku loves people and has completed his advanced training as well as earned his therapy/service dog certification. He’s very mellow gentle and greedy for your attention. Despite his now nearly fully adult weight of over 200lbs he is extremely muscular, healthy, and enjoys a game of soccer daily with Normal Thyroid, a GOOD OFA hip score and Normal OFA elbow score.



English Mastiff

The sweetest most loving momma dog. We cherish and love this dog and would be lost without her ❤️ 
Mountain comes from the prestigious lines of Semper Fi Gargoyle, English Mastiff Westminster royalty. She brings the beautiful diverse lines from Mexico and Europe and brings it all together in our Hawaiian farmer lines. These lines have touched so many borders and it’s beautiful to bring them all together for these well rounded, confident and absolutely huge puppies. Mountain has had all of her health testing completing with excellent results on all accounts! 


English Mastiff Female

Sammy is the grand daughter to the Grand champion Mighty Sampson by Lionheart and she radiates with his love for people pleasing! We look forward to her first litter which is planned for Summer of 2024



English Mastiff Female

Piki is the product of our service dog and champion lines of Mountain and Haku. Piki's first breeding is planned for summer of 2026. Sire is TBD. Piki has been primarily raised and trained by our 12 year old Junior Handler under supervision.


Tibetan Mastiff

Nani Fox is a female Tibetan Mastiff hailing from UKC champion lines Sundari and Shang Hai; with her grandparents coming from Poland, France, China and Czech Republic, and her parents from Russia and Hungary. Nani is sweet, loyal, and loves to be outside with the farm animals any chance she gets but won’t travel far from her people as she loves her kids deeply. Nani, after producing one wonderful litter is now retired from breeding and enjoys protecting our family as our top guard dog at our farm. Due to her semi hypoallergenic coat even dog allergen burdened homes can enjoy a Tibetan Mastiff. We are so fortunate to have this opportunity to be apart of this community which preserves such a historically defining, rare and majestic breed.



English Mastiff

Kona, 6 years old and therapy dog certified, comes from a Champion line on her dam’s side. She received her name when she came home and we said “her mask is so dark that it she looks like she dipped her head in a cup of Kona coffee” from then on she was called Kona, because it sounded better than “coffee face.” Kona has the soul of a 12 year old dog, but will play with you outside all day if you want. She is Haku’s best friend and he howls for her whenever we separate her from him. She’s the dog that can get along with anyone. She’s sweet, unbelievably gentle, and she makes dinosaur noises when you scratch her ears. For type she brings so much to the table including thick bone, padded muzzle, moderate cheek, and of course, the deep black pigment which shows so beautifully on her coffee face. Her Health testing resulted in zero DNA disease mutations, Pennhip passed, and all OFA’s normal. Kona has blessed us with 3 beautiful litters as of 2023. Because of the quality in type and temperament that she offers, and her love for motherhood, we will be considering one last litter. As of now her status is most likely retired.


AKC Tibetan Mastiff

Bred for health, temperament and true Do-Khyi American Tibetan Mastiff type. 

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Dan Nechemias and Lois Claus of Dawa Tibetan Mastiffs in Oregon are our breeding/show/handling mentors. While we have learned so much already from our own life around dogs, it’s invaluable to have the guidance of such community oriented giant breed fanciers with years and years more experience than us. We have the upmost respect and gratitude toward this wonderful family for all they have done for us, the AKC network and the Tibetan Mastiff breed and we strive to make them proud in our own program.


Great homes allow for great breeders. To our amazing puppy homes who have done so much research and decided that out of all the breeds and breeders in the world that our dogs are the best fit for your family, we thank you! Without amazing homes like yours we wouldn’t be able to do what we love. While we whole heartedly support and respect our rescue counterpart programs, we also appreciate your knowledge and love for giant purebred dogs, your respect for health testing and your trust in us to help you choose your new family member.

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Puppy Application

Please answer these pre screening questions In the contact box to start the application process for our upcoming litter!

Q1: How many people are in your family? 

Q2: Are you familiar with the breed of puppy you are inquiring about? what is your experience?

Q3: Occupation? Where will the dog be when you are working outside the home?

Q4: Do you rent or own you home? 

Q5: are you wanting to breed her/him in the future? 

Q6: other dogs in the home? Age and genders and any behavioral issues.

Q7: where did you find us and why did you choose our program?

Q8: have you ever had to rehome a dog and if so what was the circumstance?

Q9: please leave your full name, Phone number and address (without this information we may not respond to your request)

Boydton, VA, 23917, USA


Thanks for submitting!

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