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About FoxTribe K9

The FoxTribe K9 is the outcome of a love story that came alive when the rescue canine and horse caregiver and the well respected Marine Corp Sgt Fox met on the North shores of Hawaii. We wanted to find a way to help others cope with the many hardships of life, namely, military life and living with special needs. Our first breed was the English Mastiff, though we eventually grew to breeding and showing the Tibetan Mastiff as well. These are our “heart dogs”. Due to the loss of our perfect Newfie dam, we are only showing our male Newfie therapy dog to eventually aid his breeds growth. Over the years we have found everything was more tangible with a dog by our side, and we found that others felt the same way. Wether it is while your spouse is away, or long after you have come home from mental battles or physical war; animals are the medicine and we are determined to cultivate a safe environment in which these families can come to find health tested, sanitarily raised fluffy family members. As we work tirelessly to produce puppies of sound temperament, structure, and health, we welcome you to join our ohana (family). We do not place by a numbered pick system from reception of deposit like most breeders. Instead, we stop taking deposits when we reach our projected litter count and return to taking deposits if we do have more puppies than we expected. This way, no matter where you are in the waitlist we will make sure every family is matched appropriately for their wants and needs and the puppies personality. Wounded Warriors please let us know if you are looking for a service you, you are eligible for special private programs. If you would like to know more about us please leave your info in the home application!

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