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The FoxTribe K9 Puppy Application

Taking the first step; Apply

Applying for a Puppy

Finding the right breeder is hard work. We know how many applications you have filled out because we were puppy buyers too. That’s why we have made our process as painless as possible while still doing our due diligence to find the best homes possible for our puppies! Please take the time to fill out a couple questions and feel free to call for any questions you have,

Puppy Application: Puppy Application

Puppy Application

Please answer these pre screening questions In the contact box to start the application process for our upcoming litter!

Q1: How many people are in your family? 

Q2: Are you familiar with the breed of puppy you are inquiring about? what is your experience?

Q3: Occupation? Where will the dog be when you are working outside the home?

Q4: Do you rent or own you home? 

Q5: are you wanting to breed her/him in the future? 

Q6: other dogs in the home? Age and genders and any behavioral issues.

Q7: where did you find us and why did you choose our program?

Q8: have you ever had to rehome a dog and if so what was the circumstance?

Q9: please leave your full name, Phone number and address (without this information we may not respond to your request)

Thanks for submitting!

Puppy Application: Contact
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